CZ75-Auto - Nitro

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CZ75-Auto - Nitro

Rona is as good as she thinks she is… she’s just not old enough to realize she shouldn’t point it out to everyone - Felix Riley, Commanding Officer… The CZ75-Auto Nitro has individual parts that have been spray-painted black and tangerine orange. The skin has equal amounts of black and orange. It was added to the game on the 1st of July 2014 as a part of the “Operation Breakout” update. The skin is a part of The Overpass Collection. It has a Solid Color finish style and a finish catalog of 322. This skin was created by Valve and it has a souvenir version available. The factory new variant is available for a somewhat pricey USD 19.96, and an even more expensive USD 41.22 for the souvenir version. The CZ75-Auto Nitro is a simple yet flashy skin featuring both bright and dark colors. It would be a great addition to anyone’s inventory.

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