Butterfly Knife - Doppler

Available Conditions


Factory New


Minimal Wear

Butterfly Knife - Doppler

Similar to a doppler ultrasound that measures flow, the Butterfly Doppler flows into the players hand every time the knife is drawn. Also in tangent to doppler ultrasound, this skin most commonly comes in shades of blue, red. It comes in phases 1-4. The blue version of this knife comes in many unique patterns on the blade, some of which have tints of green. The red Butterfly Doppler has a red blade intermixed with shades of blue. The handle is a sleek black metal, with a red or green accent, depending on the color of the blade. In rare instances, the blade may be in a uniform blue color (Sapphire) or red color (Ruby), scaling up to 5500$! This skin is available only in factory new and minimal wear, and is available in StatTrak.

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