AWP - Worm God

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AWP - Worm God

In April of 2015, the Chroma 2 Collection was released, and so was the AWP Worm God. This restricted skin is known for being one of the cheapest AWP skins in the game. Everything about it is default except for the body. The front of the body, where the barrel meets the rest of the gun, is painted white. Near the grip is a bright white skull, with eyes that appear to be looking right at you. Roots grow out from the skull towards the barrel, stopping at the end of the scope. The AWP Worm God is available in all wears except battle scarred, and has a float range of .01 to .45. If you want to buy one of these skins yourself, it will cost around $2.50 for the factory new version, and aboud $8 for the StatTrak version.

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