AWP - Wildfire

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AWP - Wildfire

For Counter Strike’s 20 year anniversary, the CS20 collection was released, along with the AWP Wildfire. It became one of the stars of the collection due to its flashy and pretty design. This skin is a remake of the Operation Wildfire logo, with a red background on all of it. The muzzle is painted red, while the barrel remains black. The body of the AWP is a dark red and black background, with a fiery dragon snaking its way from the stock around the grip and to the magazine receiver. The magazine is painted in a way that makes the dragon have claws when the magazine is loaded. The scope of the AWP Wildfire is a black design with hints of red lines. To buy one of these exclusive skins, you must be prepared to pay around $120 for the factory new version and up to $420 for the StatTrak variety.

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