AWP - The Prince

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AWP - The Prince

When Operation Shattered Web dropped in November of 2019, the world of CS:GO was introduced to the Canals Collection. The star of this collection is the AWP The Prince, a magnificent looking AWP skin. It is painted with beautiful colors and decorated with gold. The muzzle and the tip of the barrel, as well as the nut connecting them, are all gold, with the rest of the barrel being black, grey and red. The stand of the AWP contains all the colors of the skin, but it is the body of this skin that truly gives it its name. The body of this AWP has a red background with a lot of gold decoration, especially around the grip. Above the magazine receiver, there is text in Latin that translates to Peace to You. The magazine is painted black with red accents. The scope of the AWP The Prince is littered with red, grey and black stripes, as well as decorative shapes. If you want to buy this skin, you must have some pretty deep pockets. The factory new version of this skin can cost over $2,000. There is no StatTrak or Souvenir variety.

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