AWP - Sun in Leo

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AWP - Sun in Leo

Released by Valve in May of 2015 during Operation Bloodhound, the AWP Sun in Leo became part of the Gods and Monsters Collection. It is based off of the Zodiac sign Leo. This skin has the default muzzle and barrel. However, the nut connecting the two is painted a very dark blue. The body of this AWP skin is painted a wonderful purple and blue mixture with the skin texture overlaid onto it. Since it uses seeds to determine the placement of the texture, there are many different patterns for this skin. The AWP Sun in Leo can be found in every wear, with a float range between .01 and .5. While this skin is basic, it was only dropped during Operation Bloodhound. This increases the price slightly, making a factory new one cost around $7.50. There are no StatTrak or Souvenir versions available.

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