AWP - Phobos

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AWP - Phobos

Released in June of 2016 and a part of the Gamma Collection, the AWP Phobos is a somewhat futuristic skin. It uses computer and electronic components to create a technological look and warn others not to mess with the AWP. The muzzle and barrel are both black, but there is a yellow nut connecting the two. At the front of the body and at the stock, there is a sign of caution in the form of yellow and black stripes. The rest of the body is a dark green, with a number panel and ventilation above the magazine receiver. The scope has a srip of the cautionary colors around the front, and the magazine has two green lines running down it. For a factory new AWP Phobos it costs around $2.50, and the StatTrak version costs just under $9.

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