AWP - Neo-Noir

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AWP - Neo-Noir

The AWP Neo-Noir was put onto the workshop in August of 2018, and later released in the Danger Zone case in early December of 2018. It is the 3rd weapon to have the pattern and it is part of the Danger Zone Collection. This skin features an all black muzzle, but a barrel and scope that have white on the top, black in the middle, and pink on the bottom. The body of this AWP details the classic girl that is seen on all of the skins with this pattern. Her hair extends towards the barrel of the gun, while her arm wraps around the grip. As her body extends towards the stock of the gun, you can see another unknown face on the skin. The magazine and stock both have a futuristic blue, white and black design to them. For the design of the AWP Neo-Noir, it costs about $50 for the factory new version and around $130 for the StatTrak version.

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