AWP - Mortis

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AWP - Mortis

The AWP Mortis was first designed in April of 2017, and was released in the Clutch Collection in February of 2018. The design of the skin was inspired by the tarot card of death, which shows a dead man riding on a horse. The barrel and muzzle of this AWP are all black, with a brown nut connecting the two. The body shows multiple things, with the roman numerals XIII able to be seen. This ties into the Tarot deck since card 13 is the card of death. A dead horse, as well as a dead reaper riding it, can be seen, again referencing the card. The stock is all black, the magazine is grey with a brown bottom, and the scope has a checkered pattern on each end. If you would like to buy an AWP Mortis, it costs around $7.00 for the factory new wear and around $26 for the StatTrak variety.

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