AWP - Medusa

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AWP - Medusa

Greek legend has it that Medusa used to be a beautiful lady with flowing golden hair, but she was cursed by Athena after she fell in love with Poseidon, the God of the Ocean. Her hair was replaced with venomous snakes, her eyes were turned bloodshot, and her skin was turned a milky white. Designed by Valve and released during Operation Bloodhound in May of 2015, the AWP Medusa is part of the Gods and Monsters Collection. Like many other AWP skins, the only painted part of this skin is the body of the AWP. However, that is all that it needs to look amazing. The background of it is a dark blue that looks like the ocean. Towards the stock of the gun is where Medusa is. Her face is just behind the grip, and the snakes on her head extend towards the barrel, just past the magazine receiver. If you would like to buy this skin, it costs around $2000 for the factory new version. No StatTrak or Souvenir versions are available.

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