AWP - Man-o-war

Available Conditions


Minimal Wear



AWP - Man-o-war

First released to the workshop in November of 2014, the AWP Man-o’-war, part of the Chroma Collection, was released in early 2015. The only colorful part of the skin is the body of the gun. The background is a dark blue with wispy gold all over it. This mixture of dark and light colors create great contrast for this skin. The gold swirls provide all of the texture for the skin as it is just two colors. Most of the gold is towards the barrel of the AWP as well as the grip. The AWP Man-o’-war is only available in minimal wear and field tested from .1 to .2. If you want to purchase a minimal wear one, it will cost around $15, and the StatTrak version will cost about $50.

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