AWP - Lightning Strike

Available Conditions


Factory New


Minimal Wear

AWP - Lightning Strike

The AWP Lightning Strike was one of the first skins to ever be introduced to CS:GO. Released in August of 2013 during the Arms Deal Update, it is a covert skin in the Arms Deal Collection. Everything about this skin is identical to the default AWP, except for the body. The body of this skin features a purple background with white lightning striking through it. Since this skin uses seeds to determine where the lighting forms, the skin’s pattern is random. This skin is known for being a very original skin for those who played the game when it first came out. The AWP Lightning Strike is only available in factory new and minimal wear from .01 to .08. If you would like to buy this AWP skin, it will cost around $150 for the factory new version and around $420 for the StatTrak version.

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