AWP - Gungnir

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AWP - Gungnir

The AWP Gungnir was released during Operation Shattered Web in late 2019. Belonging to the Norse Collection, it is widely known for its flashy blue design. The muzzle of this skin is black, with a blue nut with a spiral on it connecting the muzzle to the barrel. The barrel is a sophisticated design of circles and other shapes woven together on a dark background. However, none of that compares to the body of this magnificent skin. The body is a light ocean blue that is enough to draw attention by itself. The body also has detailed engravings on it, as well as on the magazine and the stock. These engravings add texture and darker colors to the body, while also making it more decorative. The scope has a swirly black and beige design to it, adding more texture to the skin overall. Since the skin is so beautiful, rare and the fact that it only drops during Operation Shattered web, the AWP Gungir is quite pricey. Since it is so expensive, it is rarely sold on Steam. A factory new one will cost around $4000. There are no StatTrak or Souvenir versions.

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