AWP - Graphite

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Factory New


Minimal Wear

AWP - Graphite

Designed by Valve and released during Operation Bravo in late 2013, the AWP Graphite is famous for being used in Fire Serpent Tradeups. Since it’s a classified skin in the Bravo Collection, the same collection as the famous Fire Serpent, it is wildly popular. The texture is a simple geometric pattern that is then overlaid onto the AWP. The muzzle and barrel are that of the default awp, as well as the scope and magazine. It is the body of this skin that is mesmerizing. When the texture is put onto the AWP, it creates very interesting patterns on the body. The stock is a sleek black as well. The AWP Graphite is only available in factory new and minimal wear, in floats .01 to .12. To buy a factory new one, you’ll have to pay around $70, while the StatTrak version costs closer to $250, just because of the trade up potential.

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