AWP - Elite Build

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AWP - Elite Build

The AWP Elite Build is the 3rd gun that the pattern is featured on. First posted to the workshop in January of 2015, it became part of CS:GO in February of 2016 during Operation Wildfire as part of the Wildfire Collection. The AWP Elite Build features the standard black and orange features of all the other weapons with the pattern. The tip of the muzzle has an orange ring around it, while the rest of it and the barrel are solid black. The body of the weapon includes a winged emblem on the magazine receiver, while the rest is black. The magazine is orange on the bottom, and the stock is all black. The scope contains a few colorful lines, while remaining mostly black. If you would like to buy this skin, it can cost around $17 for the factory new variety and $65 for the StatTrak version.

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