AWP - Electric Hive

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AWP - Electric Hive

The AWP Electric Hive was released in late 2013 during the Winter Offensive Update. Designed by Valve and included in the eSports 2013 Winter Collection, this skin became known for its rare blue pattern. The muzzle, barrel, stock, magazine and scope are the same as the default AWP, with a purple nut connecting the muzzle and barrel. The body of the skin is where the pattern is placed onto the skin. The pattern consists of multicolored hexagons. When placed onto the body of the AWP, the hive texture can create different types of patterns. The rarest is the blue pattern, where all the hexagons are blue. There is also a rare version where all the hexagons are orange. To buy a factory new AWP Electric Hive, it will cost around $22, while the StatTrak version costs roughly $55.

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