AWP - Dragon Lore

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AWP - Dragon Lore

The AWP Dragon Lore is one of the most famous skins in CS:GO. Released in July of 2014 and designed by Valve, the Dragon Lore gained popularity during Operation Breakout. As part of the Cobblestone Collection, it has increased the prices of the rest of the collection. The muzzle of the skin is black, while the barrel is gradient from orange to green with black triangles on it. However, it is the body of the skin that makes it so astonishing. There is a dragon coming from the sock all the way for the magazine receiver, breathing fire towards the barrel. The body of the dragon snakes around the grip and trigger, taking up all the space on the AWP. The scope contains the same pattern as the barrel and so does the stock, while the magazine remains dark green. Since it is so rare, they are barely ever sold on the market. On Bitskins, a factory new AWP Dragon Lore can cost around $3,350, while the highest Souvenir version ever sold cost over $61,000.

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