AWP - Corticera

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AWP - Corticera

Released in July of 2014 by Valve, the AWP Corticera belongs to the eSports 2014 Summer Collection. It can be found in wears of .06 to .3. The muzzle and barrel of the gun are the standard grainy black that is on the default AWP skin, but there is a blue nut connecting the two. The stock, magazine and scope of the skin are also default for the AWP. However, it is the body of the AWP that makes it truly beautiful. The body of the gun is a blue background with a Corticera tree pattern on it, hence the name. The tree pattern grows from the stock towards the barrel. Purchasing one of these skins isn’t that expensive, with the factory new wear costing around $17 and the StatTrak version costing roughly $60.

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