AWP - Asiimov

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AWP - Asiimov

The AWP Asiimov is an iconic skin in CS:GO. The AWP version of the skin was the second weapon that the pattern has seen. It was released in February of 2014 along with Operation Phoenix. On the muzzle of this AWP, it is all black, with the barrel being all white. This provides amazing contrast to the tip of the weapon. The stand of the AWP is a white, black and orange mixture, the colors of the Asiimov texture. The body of it is a mix of all colors as well, with the area near the trigger being black. The magazine is orange on the bottom, while the rest is while. The scope is black on the front and white on the rest, and the stock remains all orange. To buy one of these skins, the field tested version will cost around $60, while the StatTrak variety can cost nearly $165.

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