AUG - Midnight Lily

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AUG - Midnight Lily

When Operation Shattered Web was released in late 2019, the St. Marc Collection came along with it. Included in this collection was the AUG Midnight Lily, a restricted rifle skin. This skin features a lily pattern throughout the stock, body and handle of the weapon. However, the muzzle, barrel and scope remain black, adding a great deal of contrast to the rest of the skin. The weapon is then finished off with pearlescent paint, meaning that the colors change in different lighting. The AUG Midnight Lily is available in all wears and has a float range of .01 to .5. If you would like to buy this skin in the factory new condition, it will cost around $31.50. This price is due to the rarity and beauty of the skin. There is no StatTrak or Souvenir version available.

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