AUG - Hot Rod

Available Conditions


Factory New


Minimal Wear

AUG - Hot Rod

The AUG Hot Rod was one of the first skins ever released. It was added as part of the Assault Collection back in late 2013 when the Arms Deal update was dropped. It features a glossy red color that is finished with a chrome shine to it. This color is found on the body, stock and bottom of the magazine. It is also found on the grip of the weapon, but the rest remains black like the default skin for the weapon. Since it was one of the first skins released, the AUG Hot Rod is only available in factory new and minimal wear and has a float range between .01 to .08. If you want to buy this skin in the factory new condition, it will cost around $140. There is no StatTrak or Souvenir version available for this skin.

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