AUG - Death by Puppy

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AUG - Death by Puppy

To celebrate Counter-Strike’s 20 year anniversary in October of 2019, the CS20 Case was released. Included in this case as a classified rifle skin was the AUG Death by Puppy, a skin that contrasts the P90 Death by Kitty. The skin consists of the Pop Dog texture that is found on the map Train. This little easter egg commemorates the work that Barking Dog Studios put into CS:GO. The texture is then colored with bright and neon colors to create the iconic and chaotic skin that we know and love. The AUG Death by Puppy can be found in all wears except battle scarred, and it has a float range between .01 and .5. If you would like to buy this skin in the factory new condition, it will cost around $6.75, while the StatTrak version is closer to $22.

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