AUG - Amber Slipstream

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AUG - Amber Slipstream

When the Horizon Collection was released in August of 2018, the AUG Amber Slipstream was released as a mil-spec rifle skin. It was first released onto the workshop under the name AUG Torn in July of 2016, but was later renamed when it was accepted into the game. The main colors of this skin are orange, grey and black. Since this skin is seed based, patterns are based off of a seed. This creates many different patterns on the skin. However, the magazine remains orange all the time. The AUG Amber Slipstream is available in all wears and can be found with a float ranging from .01 to .55. If you would like to buy this skin in the factory new condition, it will cost around $0.25, while the StatTrak version costs around $1.30. The reason why the skin is so cheap is because it is not rare whatsoever.

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