AK-47 - Wild Lotus

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AK-47 - Wild Lotus

The AK47 Wild Lotus is the newest Covert-tier skin to come out for the AK, released November 2019 in Operation Shattered Web. This nature themed gun contains, as the name suggests, a lotus flower spreads across the entire gun. The background of anodized green is first painted over, giving a cool lustre. Then a swirling pattern of slightly darker green is painted over it, spreading to the front, body, clip, grip and the stock. The barrel and muzzle is dark lead grey, while the lotus design takes up everywhere else. The lotus flowers are painted mainly with pink and orange, some budding while one large flower blossoms on the entire gun. There are also long branches on the gun, as well as both small and long leaves on the AK Wild Lotus. Light beige stripes also adorn the front of the clip, the bottom of the handguard, and at the front of the body. This gun does not have StatTrak available, but still is extremely expensive as the Operation still goes on (sitting at $1700 for field-tested), but is likely to drop in price.

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