AK-47 - Wasteland Rebel

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AK-47 - Wasteland Rebel

The Wasteland Rebel for the AK47, big brother to the same Glock-18 skin, was added in the Operation Vanguard case in November 2014. The main body and the stock has been block printed to give a wood texture, and the steel parts have been worn down. Then, graffiti letters have been painted on the clip, front and back with white. This gun is full of references to the Terrorist team. The front has says “1337 Crew”, which is a reference to Elite Crew, as the name has been stylized to “Leet Crew”, and then “1337 Crew”. In the corner of the front side, there has also been the bomb code, 7355608, etched out. The back is painted in two white stripes, and the quote “Make them cry”, referencing the famous Terrorist starting round quote “We will make them cry!” The Wasteland Rebel starts at around $30 USD for a field-tested, and is a perfect gun for when you’re a Terrorist to ‘Make them cry.”

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