AK-47 - Vulcan

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AK-47 - Vulcan

AK47 Vulcan is another iconic Covert AK skin. It is released as part of the Huntsman Weapons Case, which came in the “The Hunt Begins” update where more skins were released. The design of this skin is modern and uses a white, black and blue colour scheme. The front of the gun has been painted entirely black. The head of the body is in a white and black pattern, and this extends to the back of the body. There is also a light blue stripe going through the body, down through the clip. The clip also has a white inside. Black and grey covers the grip of the AK Vulcan. The stock consists of a black background with grey shapes, with contemporary-looking blue at the butt. The AK Vulcan is an expensive skin for the regular covert skins, sitting at around $50 USD for a field-tested. As a famous yet readily obtainable skin, this Vulcan would certainly accentuate your CSGO inventory. This gun also has a StatTrak module available for it.

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