AK-47 - The Empress

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AK-47 - The Empress

The AK47 Empress is another famous AK skin added in September 2017, in the Spectrum 2 Collection, as part of the Perfect World update. It is based on the Empress tarot card, and its counterpart is the M4A4 Emperor. It is based on a red, gold and black colour scheme. The barrel and the front sights are painted a dull black, while the barrel jacket is painted red with a crown decal. The handguard starts with a red and yellow pattern and then is painted black, with royal symbols underneath. The main body contains a blond woman with a crown (the queen), with a corona of golden rays spreading out from her face, painted over a royal red background. The clip has a pattern of squares in red and gold. The stock has a black background, with small white dots and a cross at the back. This beautiful skin is quite expensive, starting at around $40 USD for a field-tested. It also has StatTrak options available.

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