AK-47 - Safety Net

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AK-47 - Safety Net

The AK47 Safety Net is a Restricted-tier skin that was released in the 2018 Inferno Collection. This collection was released for the FACEIT 2018, and can be found for the Souvenir Packages that came with it. As the name suggests, this high-visibility skin is based on an orange safety net. The barrel is painted a jet-black, while the sights, unjam rod and barrel jacket are in a contrasting white. The grip, handguard, body and stock have all been painted in the safety net pattern. This has a base of a green and white nets, with the orange net pattern sprayed over the top. The clip has been painted in a black, and the rear sights have been left white. The Safety Net, starting at around $20 USD for a field-tested, also has a Souvenir option available, which isn’t that much more expensive (still around $20 USD for a field-tested). If you want a flashy gun to dink your enemies with, this gun’s a perfect one.

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