AK-47 - Redline

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Minimal Wear







AK-47 - Redline

The AK47 Redline is a Classified skin that was released in the Phoenix Collection, alongside Operation Phoenix in February, 2014. The barrel has been painted in a pure black, while the front sights and the barrel jacket have been decorated with a carbon fibre pattern. The handguard has a red stripe running down the front, and is then painted with a pure black. The body and clip has the same carbon fibre hydrographic as the barrel jacket, with some red lines running down, hence the name. The grip is pure black, with a curved red stripe running down, and painted red at the bottom. The stock is entirely jet-black except for the butt, which is painted red. This gun is only available for minimal wear, field tested, well worn and battle-scarred. However, the only wear that looks perfect is the minimal-wear, with all the other wears having scrapes on the metal, which are more common the higher wear there is. This demand for high wear makes minimal wear Redlines expensive, at around $50 USD, with field-tested and below are sitting just above $10 USD. With enough money, it is highly recommended to have a minimal-wear AK Redline.

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