AK-47 - Red Laminate

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AK-47 - Red Laminate

The AK47 Red Laminate was added in 2013, in the eSports 2013 Case, which was added around the same time as the Arms Deal update, where skins were first added. Players often put stickers on this gun, as they stand out against the colours. In this Red Laminate, the body, barrel, front and clip remained unchanged (all the metal parts). In the wooden parts (such as the grip and the stock), there has been a hydrographic process in which red swirls have been painted on the skin, giving it its red texture. One interesting quirk about this gun is that its look doesn’t change much with higher wear, but the wood does turn darker when the wear gets close to battle-scarred, so there isn’t as much attraction to getting a factory-new instead of a lower wear, as they look roughly the same. This gun costs $15 USD for a normal field-tested, but can rise much higher because there are StatTrak options for it. Because of low demand, prices have dropped, and it is now a rarely seen skin, but does look cool.

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