AK-47 - Rat Rod

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AK-47 - Rat Rod

The AK47 Rat Rod is a new skin released in the recent Operation Shattered Web, coming from the Shattered Web case. It is a Restricted-tier skin with a grey, junkyard-style colour scheme. The entire body is grimy and rusted. The barrel is brown from rusting, and the front sights and barrel jacket have been over with small icons, but the paint has peeled. The handguard is rustier than other parts because of use, and has faded stickers showing “speed hunter” or “Crown king”. The body contains numerous different faded designs, the most obvious one being a long open jaw with sharp teeth. The rear sight has been painted with a “GO BACK TO HELL” quote. The body also has numerous other bits and pieces, such as “nibbler” or “omnomnomnom”. The clip and stock have the same style, but have been wrapped in tape. The gun, while new, is just around $3 USD for a field-tested wear. It also has StatTrak options.

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