AK-47 - Orbit Mk01

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AK-47 - Orbit Mk01

AK Orbit Mk01 is a relatively popular skin released in 2017 in the Operation Hydra case, when Operation Hydra was made available. It is a hand-painted, Restricted-tier skin. The barrel and its jacket are mostly painted in a metallic red. The handguard is mainly black with grey industrial designs on it. The body is covered with red and black, with grey lines. It is mostly reminiscent of spaceships, and other industrial vehicles. A large, dirty ‘01’ has been sprayed on the middle of the gun. The clip is red, with black on the side, while the grip follows the same pattern. The barrel has some black parts, but is mainly red. It has small words printed on it, like “Next’ and “Engine”. The buttstock is pure black. While not as iconic as other AK skins (like Vulcan or Bloodsport), this gun is still one of the most popular among players. Another plus is that it isn’t even expensive, at around $10 USD for a field-tested wear. If you like futuristic, gritty skins, this one’s for you.

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