AK-47 - Neon Rider

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AK-47 - Neon Rider

As its name suggests, this neon-themed skin is cool and futuristic, released in the Horizon Collection as part of the ‘New Horizon’ Update. The colour scheme for this is pink, purple and neon blue. The barrel and the barrel jacket is a gradient of pink and dark purple. The iron sights and the unjam rod are custom-painted a neon-blue. The handguard on the part on top has a blue background, with a grid of dark purple dots enlarging as they go down. The AK’s body has a gradient pink-purple background, with faint crosses and dots painted on. A biker with a monster-style helmet sits in the middle, extending down through the clip. The clip also has the word ‘NEON’ written in a blue glow. The body also has a silhouette of a city, with a pulse icon on top of it. The clip is painted in a pink-purple gradient with purple crosses painted on top. The stock’s pattern is similar to the front, with a blue-purple gradient with enlarging black dots. The skin, starting at around $35 USD for a field-tested wear, is slightly expensive, but still sick for an inventory.

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