AK-47 - Jungle Spray

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AK-47 - Jungle Spray

The AK47 Jungle Spray came out in the Arms Deal update in 2013, alongside the Aztec Collection. As it name suggests, it uses a jungle-coloured theme to spray-paint the gun. It uses beige green, forest green, as well as a dark brown. The brown has first been applied as the background. Then, some stripes of the forest green has been spray-painted, and lastly some thin strips of the beige green has been painted. This gives the Jungle Spray a camo colour. The AK, while old, is not popular in the game, being in demand after its release and slowly dropping in popularity and value. Now, it is worth around $3 USD for a field-tested wear, but can rise up to around $40 USD if it is a factory new, even though it is just an Industrial-tier. While not the most popular and coolest skin, it is certainly an interesting part of CSGO’s history to have with you.

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