AK-47 - Jet Set

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AK-47 - Jet Set

The AK47 Jet Set is a rarely-used travel-themed gun released in the Baggage Collection as part of Operation Breakout. It is classified, and doesn’t have StatTrak or souvenir options available. The handguard and the stock have been wrapped in brown leather. On the handguard, body and stock, there are dozens of stickers from all over the world, relating the cities and tourism. For example, there is a sticker of New York (with the design of the Statue of Liberty), a maple-leaf shaped sticker of Ottawa (with the city’s skyline on it), a sticker of Taivalkoski in Finland and others. This skin is rarely seen now, but is still worth a hefty sum, even though it does not have StatTrak modules or a Souvenir option available for it. Worth around $70 USD for a field-tested and a whopping $390 USD for a factory-new, it is a unique skin that can add to your inventory value.

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