AK-47 - Jaguar

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AK-47 - Jaguar

The AK47 Jaguar is a Covert skin that was released in the eSports 2014 Summer Collection, in the ‘Summer is heating up’ update. This relatively old skin is popular with the IBUYPOWER Katowice 2014 sticker, where players place it over the jaguar’s head and name it the ‘Pink Panther’ combo because the sticker is pink. In the AK Jaguar, The wooden parts of the AK remain unchanged, while the barrel jacket, clip, body and buttstock have been painted a camo green, with brown and grey jagged shapes. The barrel and the unjam rod have been turned dirtier and rustier. A black painted jaguar sits in the main body, its legs extending to the grip and the clip. A red cross hair sits at the eye of the jaguar. At around $20 USD for a field-tested wear, this is one of the cheaper Covert AK skins, and has a StatTrak module available. If you want to have a cool Covert skin that’s not necessarily too flashy, the AK Jaguar’s the way to go.

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