AK-47 - Hydroponic

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AK-47 - Hydroponic

The AK47 Hydroponic is another less well-known, yet valuable skin. It was released in the Rising Sun collection along with the Operation Bloodhound in 2015. It is extremely expensive, even though it is only Classified. It is worth over $160 USD for a field-tested wear - even more expensive than the Fire Serpent. The wood of the gun is mainly left untouched and remains as-is. The barrel and muzzle are painted with a metallic dark grey, while the front sights, unjam rod and the barrel jacket have painted a shining bamboo green. The body of the gun has first been painting white for the background, and then bamboo leaves of different anodized shades of green cover the white background. In the right bottom corner, there is a small logo written in green saying “Deadly Kabuki”. The clip is painted with a metal-like grey. This expensive AK Hydroponic, in the same collection is Akihabara Accept (which worths $400 USD for a field-tested), is certainly a cool and prestigious skin to get - if you can afford it.

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