AK-47 - Fuel Injector

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AK-47 - Fuel Injector

The AK47 Fuel Injector is an futuristic and industrial-themed skin that was released in the Wildfire Collection, added in Operation Wildfire in February 2016. The big brother to Tec-9 Fuel Injector, it has a mainly grey and yellow colour scheme, giving it a dirty, rugged look. The front of the gun is painted in a metallic black and grey, with a thin yellow stripe. The top of the front is a metal plate, and the handguard is a black grid with a yellow border. On the rear sight, there are machinery patterns etched into the metal. The body is painted mostly bright yellow, with words in futuristic fonts like supercharged (the skin’s original name), AK47 (the gun’s name), DamageX, as well as 762 (the AK uses 7.62mm bullets). The stock is mostly dark grey, with a silver metal butt and another ‘Supercharged’. The clip has been etched with gears and belts, and the inside has been etched. This skin is certainly an expensive one, at around $55 USD for a field-tested, and can rise even higher as there is a StatTrak module available for it.

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