AK-47 - Frontside Misty

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AK-47 - Frontside Misty

AK47 Frontside Misty is a Classified skin that is found in the Shadow Case. This Case was released in September 2015 in the Shadow Boxing update, which released the Shadow Daggers. In this skin, the barrel is a metallic black, while the sight post and the unjam rod is painted in sky blue and white. The front of the gun has a black background, but has icy white curves. The top of the body has a black background, but a lot has been covered by a pattern of blue curves, while the bottom half has a white background with grey curves. The clip has a white background with grey curves, while the inside is black with blue lines running through it, and so is the grip. The stock of Frontside Misty has an outline of blue, and has a white background with black curves. This AK Frontside Misty, starting at around $20 USD for a field-tested, is a colourful and cool arctic-themed gun.

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