AK-47 - First Class

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AK-47 - First Class

AK47 First Class is a relatively unknown and rare skin, released in the Baggage Collection from Operation Breakout in 2014. As its name suggests, its theme is related to first-class passengers on airplanes, as clearly shown by its flavour text “Mimosa not included.” The AK First Class is clean, and are good with stickers as they will easily stand out. This gun is relatively unchanged from the original AK skin. The only difference is that there has been seaweed-green leather wrapped around the lower and upper handguard, as well as the stock. This gun does not change much when it has lower wear, with only the leather becoming darker. The AK, while unpopular, is quite expensive for a Restricted-tier skin, sitting at around $20 USD for a field-tested. This skin does not have Souvenir options or a StatTrak module available.

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