AK-47 - Fire Serpent

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AK-47 - Fire Serpent

The AK47 Fire Serpent is the most iconic skin, and arguably the most expensive, for Kalashnikov skins. It was added in late 2013, and part of the Operation Bravo. It didn’t change much to the skin, but is extremely expensive because of the demand and low availability. It comes from the Operation Bravo case, which is one of the most expensive cases, sitting at around $23 on Steam. The Fire Serpent has been painted over with a design of a Mayan fire serpent. It’s mainly jade green, with a winding body. Its tail is made with three different gold-and-green ‘fans’. Blue clouds cover the clip, while the rest of the gun remains unchanged. Most people who can afford it buy it because of the prestige this gun holds, and the rarity of this skin. There are also rarer and more expensive StatTrak versions of this skin.

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