AK-47 - Elite Build

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AK-47 - Elite Build

The AK47 Elite Build is a MilSpec-tier rifle released in 2015 with the Chromatic Scale update, when the Chroma 2 collection was released. The entire gun uses a grey, black and gold colour scheme. The barrel and front sights are painted jet black, with part of the jacket painted grey. The top and bottom handguards are in black, with a golden border. A ‘M’ logo is painted on the side of the rear sights. Different industrial patterns and shapes are on the body of the AK Elite build, painted with grey and black. Multiple different references are painted on the gun, such as “Mikhail Kalashnikov” (the inventor of the AK) and “7.62mm” (the size of the Soviet cartridge). The stock is black with a gold border, and has “Programming” typed on it. The AK Elite Build is relatively cheap, starting at under $2 USD for a field-tested wear. If you’re tight on budget and is looking for a decent skin, this one’s a good choice.

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