AK-47 - Bloodsport

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AK-47 - Bloodsport

The AK47 Bloodsport is a Japanese and sports-car themed skin that came out in March 2017 as part of the Spectrum collection, when the Canals map was released. It has a red, black and yellow colour scheme, with gold in some parts. The front sight is red with gold at the top, while the barrel is mainly black. The unjam rod is gold, and the barrel jacket is red with dots. The handguard has a ‘STRIKE’ decal written in a Sega font on the black part, while the part with the red background has ‘CALIBER 7.62’ (the caliber with the Russian AK) and a logo of a Japanese cat. The body has been painted with black and red (and a bit of silver), with white decals written all over. Some of them are ‘Ninja - for a silent approach’ (one usage of the AK in CSGO), ‘RELOAD 2.5S’ (The reload time for an AK is 2.43 seconds, roughly 2.5), ‘DMG 36’ (The AK’s damage in CS) as well as numerous other ones relating to the AK-47 in CS:GO. This gun doesn’t look worse with higher wear, only having a darker texture. At around $50 USD for field-tested, this gun is a great skin with power, but can be expensive.

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