AK-47 - Baroque Purple

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AK-47 - Baroque Purple

The AK Baroque Purple is a relatively new skin, added in the recent Operation Shattered Web in late 2019, in the Canals collection. It is an Industrial-grade skin, and is Italian themed with a light purple colour scheme (as the name suggests). The barrel, the rear sights and the clip have not been changed, and remains in a dirty metal texture. A clean purple has been applied on the front sights, the unjam rod and the barrel jacket. The rest of the gun is covered in an intrinsic cross pattern, with a light purple background, a cross, and dots between them. Its looks do not deteriorate as greatly when it has a worse wear, but the metal becomes dirtier, and the hydrographic pattern does become darker. It is relatively cheap, worth just around $1.50 USD for a field-tested wear, so is healthy for your budget if you prefer these types of skins.

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