Hi, I'm Enzo!

Yippeeee! So, you may have already seen me out and about, especially in our Discord channel. I am SkinScan's little helper that makes sure that all of my friends stay notified on the newest (and cheapest) prices of more than 15000 different skins. I know, epic right? As of now, every six hours I go and visit a selection of skin websites and get the prices... I then fill them into a nice table so that you can see them all, so useful! I also allow you to set up notifications via different platforms such as Discord, Email and SMS (Coming Soon!).

However, This does take up a lot of my time and our little servers do not run for free. So therefore you can hire me with upgrading to a premium version of SkinScan. This gives me all the upgrades I need (Jackpot not included) to make your experience here on SkinScan even more... epic! And believe me when I say, there are alot of awesome features that I currently support and will be supporting in the future!

My Current Features


I scrape all the current prices from different skin websites. This allows me to build up comparison tables and gives you the lowest possible price that is on the market at this moment in time.


I can send notifications to your Discord, Email and SMS (Coming Soon) so that you can act fast when a skin drops belows your price threshold, you get 1 free - try it now!


Oooo, Fun! Use my "Randomize" game within our Discord channels, and this will generate a random skin for you from our site... are you lucky enough not to get a graffiti?

Hire Me

You will be able to upgrade soon!

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